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. sweet. and impossible to resist. vo: olmom: oh, sparky, youy all tshouldn't have. new softest sweaters. it's as warm and cozy as a johnny mathis song. dad: oh, funny you should mention that. singer: wish your body a merry christmas in softest sweaters. daughter: way to go, dad. singer: now that's soft. vo: give softest sweaters. just $15. old navy. come fun, come all. you are watching cbs eyewitness news on the cw. >> i don't understand who could hurt innocent children. i don't get that. what did they do to you? >> evil visited this community today. >> i know there is not a parent
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in america who doesn't feel the same grief that i do. >> an unthinkable horror, new details about the shooter, the guns bought by his mother and the heroes, including the teacher who saved her students by barricading them in a bath room. >> good evening. i am ken. >> the second deadliest shooting in school history. a 20-year-old walked into a school and started shooting. 20 children are among the dead and a crime investigators are only starting to piece together. it happened in newton, connecticut. a quiet suburb 80 miles from new york. >> reporter: i am standing down the street from where sandy hook elementary school is located, where the shooting took place a tragedy that shocked the community, parents
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and family members are grieving the loss of innocent children and adults in the massacre. >> reporter: parents and children ran from the sandy hook elementary school. the scene of terror and sadness. >> caller indicating someone is shooting. >> reporter: inside 27 people shot to death, 20 children as young as 5. others saw what no child should see. >> i saw the bullets going next to the hall that i was next to and then a teacher pulled me into her classroom. >> reporter: police say the gunman, adam lanza killed his mother, nanny in their home and drove her car to the school where she worked. he entered with two hand guns and began firing, killing students in two classrooms before turning the gun on
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himself. they say he had a rifle in the trunk of his car. police and teachers led students from the school in single file. they were reunited with their parents but some parents heard the worst. >> 20 parents were told their children are dead. it was awful. >> reporter: president obama wiped away tears as he addressed the nation. >> our hearts are broken today for the parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children and for the families of the adults who were lost. >> reporter: police questioned the gunman's brother, ryan lanza, no word of a murder in sandy hook elementary school there is no end to the sorry. counselors had been on sight throughout the day. there was -- on seattle throughout the day. there was a vij -- on site
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throughout the day. there was a candlelight vigil. >> thank you. here is what else weave learned today -- we have learned today, adam lanza was caring two automatic hand guns and had a assault rifle in the back of the car that he took to the school. all three were bought legally and registered to his mother. authorities also recovered three other weapons. adam lanza was an honor student who may have suffered from a personality disorder. earlier we reported that his mother was a teacher at the school, now that is unclear. at least one parent said she was a substitute teacher there. witnesses say the shooter was wearing black and a military vest and didn't utter a single word. cbs 5 randy page talked to a
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former fbi profiler. >> something happened in this life a stressor, that caused him to go over the edge. >> reporter: he says mass murders often have second thoughts before they kill their first victim. >> that is the killing that is the point of no return. >> reporter: in this case adam lanza's possible murder of his mother may have set him off on his plan to commit the others. knowing the last life he would take would be his own. >> he was looking for people that hurt him to be hurt and that would have been his mother, the children that she is responsible for, a jealous access expect that she -- aspect that she lives them more than me. and if i am going to die today i am going to not only hurt
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her, physically, i am going to hurt her in a way that is unthinkable. >> reporter: there are lessons to be learned here. >> people have to get out of the mentality this could never happen to me, or here because it never happened. it can happen anywhere and so we have to be aware. and we have to have the courage to alert the authorities even if that notification might bring us in to the path of the violence. >> everyone's hearts go out to the children, some as young as 5. they describe their terror when the gunman charged into one classroom, a six-year-old boy said he graped his friends -- grabbed his friends eand ran out the door -- and ran out the door. a janitor ran through the halls making doors were locked from
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the inside. one teacher barricaded students in the bath room. she promised them they would be able to celebrate christmas and hanukkah. other teacher red to her class to keep them calm. >> teacher closed the blinds and had to shut off the lights. >> even though they survived hundreds of students did not come out unscared -- unscathed. >> immediately crying. >> reporter: police told children to close their eyes as they walked to safety but it didn't shield them from the terror. >> scary. you are okay, right? >> yes. >> reporter: she says don't
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expect the young children to talk about their fear. it may show up in symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. >> they might start acting out, might remuse to go to -- refuse to go to bed, eat. pick fights with their friends. >> reporter: more than 3/4 of student may develop systems. 10% could still feel the effects 8 months later. some children may need therapy and medication. >> our job as a community is to help them feel okay being vulnerable and feel okay expressing their feelings. because they are going to be having nightmares, nervous and they will have a hard time trusting people. >> reporter: some parents report their children are
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asking when this will happen again. she says ensure the kids they are safe. >> the more things are regular and predictable the better. >> reporter: young children should not see media coverage because kids could suffer from ptsd just from watching. >> a number of candlelight vigil large and small happened across the country today. this was in wallimate creek tonight -- walnut creak tonight where a dozen people came together. >> wonder to yourself, what can be done and then you think there is nothing you can say, nothing you can do, this is a horrible thing. but i guess i heard that one was going on in san jose so i started seeing what could be done here. >> and in a small connecticut
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town where this happened a service that local church was filled to capacity, hundreds more people outside, holding hands in circles. and in washington, d.c. today, hundreds of people packing the white house lawn, holding up candles in a candlelight vigil. >> today's tragedy has people wondering it is time for tougher gun control. 3/4 of adults say laws should be stricter and 77% a ban on rifles. but is public sentiment strong enough to change the law? cbs 5 reporter grace lee. >> reporter: it was an emotional president obama who faced the nation today. it was also a rare moment, a
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turning point for federal gun control. >> we are going to have to take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics. >> it is an obvious and perfectly appropriate emotional response to say something has to be done. >> reporter: he believes the american people will also have a change in public sentiment a call for gun control but he doesn't believe it will last long enough to change law. >> the only time when most citizens worry is in the middle of a mass shooting episode. >> reporter: when a mass shooting occurs gun control is called for but after it dies down the opponents gain traction because they care and they fight long term.
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>> the intensity of the opponents of control will outweigh the mild support that the rest of the population might feel. >> in 1999 during the columbine shooting 39 people were killed or injured. next year a poll showed can 62% of californians wanted stricter gun control. before the oakland shooting in april this year, that support dropped to 53%. >> reporter: the number of mass shootings have gone up in recent history. this year we have had 7 incidents where four or more people were killed. that is the highest number we have seen in the past 30 years. >> and coming up, if something like this would happen to you, what would you do? the three words that could help
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you survive. >> another chilly night. some of you are already in the 30s. santa rosa foggy, 36. how cold we get tonight? when is the rain coming back? details in your forecast in a few minutes.
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around schools to the violence in connecticut caused several bay area police departments to step up their presence around schools today. oakland, fremont, palo alto, all increase school police patrols. san francisco police already have resource officers on campus they are double checking their school safety plan. it is not something wants to imagine but what are you
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supposed to do if a gunman walks on to your campus or office? the three words that are crucial to survival. >> reporter: a worst case scenario reenactment. a gunman walks in and opens fire. the video created by the city of houston with homeland security grant trains people to prevent a shooter from finding you and fight back. >> always believe it is not going to happen here. >> reporter: she knows better. she handled the after math of one of the first major mass shootings, the 1993 massacre in san francisco. she says mass shootings have become common. >> we are seeing more of it and i think it is part of our culture today in a way that it
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never had been. >> reporter: why she advocates live shooter trainings, like this one at a san francisco school. one man acting as the shooter and students and teachers taking cover. >> helps people walk through it, you know where to go, you know where you can hide. >> reporter: she doesn't know how trained teachers at sandy hook elementary school were but they reacted swiftly, hiding students and leading them out of the school. moves that likely saved lives. >> they did an incredible job. >> as a side note, the premier of the newest tom cruise movie has been put off in respect for the connecticut film victims. no new date has been set. you can keep up to date on
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what is going on in connecticut by checking our website, >> checking other news, a driver has been arrested after a deadly car crash that killed three people tonight. happened on 280. the chp says a car pulled over because of problems and was struck by a passing car that was speeding. the crash brought the commute to a stand still. look at that back up. the chp reopened 280 around 9:00 p.m. that was fast, fast they decided to ditch the new logo, it faced a wave of criticism. thousands of people signed a petition to try to convince the university to reverse its decision and guess what, officials decided to suspend
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its use, it is gone. the old seal on the left will prevail. huge fortune of goal is going to a woman. she will receive $7 million. the woman is the only relative of the original owner of the gold. the gold was found when his house was being cleared for sale. >> i have never seen that much gold in my life or coins that old. >> numerous people have been trying to claim the fortune but no one had evidence they were family members. the book says, the book will get you in trouble, the weather book, what we will be talking about the chilly air.
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concord 51 degrees. napa 51. oakland the warm spot, 56. concord 51 degrees. that is the coldest after afternoon in concord in two years, march of 2011. 631 days ago. guess what you will be cold tonight, mid-30s. fremont 35. redwood city 36. san francisco, oakland, low 40s. no rain yet. dry conditions. most of northern california. we will be cold and unstable for a while. see the clouds from the north and west. our air is coming down from the gulf of alaska. chilly stuff. we will stay chilly with waves of low pressure moving through, giving us rain from time to time. no flooding concerns but it will be chilly. highs in the 50s for the next 5-
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7 days. this weekend we have showers around saturday and sunday. scattered showers, chilly for your weekend. oakland 56. that is normal. concord 52. san jose 55. palo alto 55. low 50s pleasant hills hills and pittsburg. extended forecast, scattered showers saturday and sunday. no break from the showers till the middle of next week. feels like winter. >> with the cool temperatures, any chance for snow? >> mount hamilton. >> that is our white christmas. thank you. holiday display like no other in one city and what happened when the star was a no show.
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cbs 5 reporter juliette gooh rmore.. juliette. is holiday show unlike anything you have ever seen. >> unless you are 2000 years
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old. cbs 5 juliette goodrich is in livermore. >> reporter: they are calling this living bethlehem now. some of the characters behind me. one of the main characters slept through the performance, didn't show up but the show must go on. >> action. >> reporter: living bethlehem comes to livermore. the city as it was 2,000 years ago. [ music playing ] >> reporter: more than 250 volunteers and actors reenacting the story. soldiers ordering the crowds to move. >> everything is kept orderly fashion because we will throw people in the dungeon. >> they have no place to stay. >> my wife is great with child. >> reporter: they enter a
10:24 pm
stable where their baby is born. >> baby jesus was running late. >> reporter: luckily the parents in the crowd volunteered their son. >> someone said does your -- did you want your baby to be baby jesus. we said sure. >> reporter: many residents got off guard. >> he is a camel, 17 years old. came from idaho. he will be here through monday night. and then he goes back home. thank you. >> reporter: five shows a night made possible through donations. a 3-1/2 year dream come true. >> everyone can enjoy the true spirit of what christmas is about. >> reporter: i can say it was a true labor of love, free
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admission to all, five show as night. see you here in livermore. juliette goodrich, cbs eyewitness news. ,,
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...madison of san diego is standing in the wildcats way... la salle is goi marin catholic going for a high school football state title tomorrow in division 2 -- excuse me division 3 and the open division, we will see what happens tomorrow. to the minute we should go. steph curry and david lee, five game win streak on the line at orlando. warriors down big. here comes curry. game high 25. golden state warriors 25 three early. magic answer back.
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glen davis, excuse me. magic 16 point lead. no second half threat. jj to end the third, good-bye. good night. 99-85 magic win. 49er wide receiver randy moss is set to take on the patriots this sunday. he played with new england for three seasons. will his familiarity help? >> not so much. >> bill belichick is a so- called genius. changes it up every week. it is not really much input i could give for the week. have your head on the swivel and be ready for anything. >> that will be the marquee match-up. >> thank you. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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